2500lb Steel Cable KFI Polaris ATV Plug-N-Play Winch Kit


Product Code: AMP-25-R2

Manufacturer: KFI Products

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NOTE:Bumper Conversion Bracket #101895 will need to be purchased in order to reinstall OEM Polaris Front Bumper (See Below)

  • Even if the machien does not come factory with the front bumper but you plan on adding the bumper to your current year Polaris Sportsman, the conversion bracket will be required (See Below)

Winch Details:

Whether it’s on a winding trail, plowing snow or deep in the mud, a reliable winch is the most important accessory a rider can have. Equip your Polaris ATV with a KFI Polaris ATV Plug-N-Play Winch Kit and feel confident you can pull yourself out of any situation. Our team here at KFI Products designed this winch kit with the user in mind, this kit comes completely assembled and ready to be installed. This kit is equip with an Assault 2500lb KFI Steel Cabled Winch pre-installed in a Polaris ATV Winch Mount, Electric Contactor and a Handlebar Mini-Rocker. Both the Electric Contactor and Handlebar Mini-Rocker are designed to plug directly into the Polaris OEM Winch Handlebar Wiring Harness making this kit an extremely easy to install and a user friendly product.

Winch Includes:


3/16" x 45.9' Steel Cable. #ATV-CBL-3K


Take control of your winch with the all new Polaris ATV Clamshell Rocker Switch by KFI (#AP-CMR). Designed to work with Polaris OEM pre-ran harness for easy install. This allows you to control your winch with just the touch of your finger, never having to let go of your handlebars.

The included all new Heavy Duty Electric Contactor (#AP-CONT) is designed to work with your Polaris OEM pre-ran harness and protects your ATV’s electrical system. This part is what switches the power distribution of your winch that is controlled from your switches.  This contactor comes pre-installed and wired to rear of the assembly, set-up for the 850 and 1000cc machines.  Relocation to the side by two simple screws will set this kit up for the smaller cc ATV's.


Included is our KFI Split Cable Hook Stopper (#ATV-SCHS) with the following benefits:

  • Eliminates wear and tear on your rollers from the hook with can cause cable wear.
  • Eliminates hook clatter from going down the trail.
  • Protects the winch motor and gears from pulling the cable in too far and bottoming out on the rollers.
  • Keeps tension on the hook to eliminate the cable becoming loose.
  • Also has slits designed in it to work as an anti-kick back for the cable if your cable was to snap.
  • Looks great.

AMP-25 Specifications
Rated Line Pull2500 lbs.
Motor12V DC, 1.07 hp Permanent Magnet
Gear Ratio180:1
Gear/TransmissionAll-metal Triple Planetary Gear Drive
BrakeDynamic and Mechanical
Clutch (free spooling)All Metal Cam Activated Freespool
Drum Size1.75" (D) x 2.76" (L)
Synthetic Cable3/16" (D) x 45.9' (L)
FairleadMulti-directional Steel Roller
ControlDeluxe Handlebar-Mounted Mini-Rocker Control Switch
Winch Dimensions13.50" L x 4.44" D x 4.76" H
Mount PlateIncluded Model Specific Mount
Mounting Bolt Pattern3.00" x 4.875" (4-Hole)
Recommended Battery12 Amp/hour minimum
Warranty2 Year Limited Lifetime Warranty
Winch Weight26.60 lbs. (complete kit)

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