A multi-mount for a winch provides a versatile and convenient solution for users seeking flexibility in mounting their winch. Unlike traditional winch mounts that are installed on the body or frame of the machine, a multi-mount utilizes a hitch receiver, available in 2" (#100620) or 1 1/4" (#100615) options. This design allows users to effortlessly attach or remove the winch, similar to connecting or disconnecting a trailer. Furthermore, a multi-mount system enables users to use the same winch on both the front and rear of their machine or even install two winches for maximum utility. 

Multi-Mount Wiring

The wiring of the multi-mount is simplified with quick-connect wires, ensuring easy relocation of the winch and swift unplugging during removal. In every multi-mount system, 20" Quick Connect wires (#QC-20) extend from the winch and link up with quick connect wires leading to the contactor block. Our range of wiring options encompasses lengths of 48", 96", and 120", along with Quick-Connect Ends for those interested in crafting custom lengths. This diverse selection ensures adaptability, allowing users to easily reach both front and rear locations on their vehicles. To explore further details about wiring connections and options, refer to the accompanying image below.

Multi-Mount Kits

Each KFI Multi-Mount Kit comprises a vehicle-specific hitch/receiver, a multi-mount, a 5/8" hitch pin, and quick-connect wires, ensuring a comprehensive setup for your machine. Check the table below to quickly identify if your vehicle has a dedicated multi-mount kit available. If your machine is not listed, don't worry – you can easily create a customized kit by selecting the appropriate components from the product options located at the bottom of this page.

Note: Tiger Tail Mounts #101110 and #101115 serve as adjustable multi-mounts for 4-hole standard winches with a 3.00" x 4.875" bolt pattern. Click one of the part numbers to see how the Tiger Tail mounts can be used as an adjustable multi-mount.



Please see the informational chart below to determine if a KFI Multi-Mount Kit is available for your machine!


Scout XL2011UTV-435
Atlas JSVALLUTV-1080
Gator HPX (NOT 615E or 815E)ALLUTV-720
Gator XUV 620i / 850D'07-10UTV-720
Rustler 120 / 125'10-12UTV-435
Ranger ETX (Mid-Size)'15-16UTV-875
Ranger EV (Mid-Size)'10-22UTV-875
Ranger 400 (Mid-Size)'10-14UTV-875
Ranger 500 (Mid-Size)'11-13UTV-875
Ranger 500 (Mid-Size)'17-22UTV-875
Ranger 570 (Mid-Size)'14-21UTV-875
Ranger 800 (Mid-Size)'13-14UTV-875
Ranger Diesel 1000'15-18UTV-1080
Ranger Diesel HST / Deluxe'15-18UTV-1080
Ranger XP 570 (900 Style)'15-18UTV-1080
Ranger XP 1000'15-18UTV-1080
Ranger XP 1000 (Northstar Edition (HVAC)'15-18UTV-1080
Ranger 570 (900 Style)'15-18UTV-1080
Ranger 900'15-18UTV-1080
Ranger TM (2x4)'15-18UTV-675
Ranger 425 (2x4)'15-18UTV-675
Ranger 500 (2x4)'15-18UTV-675
Ranger 500'15-18UTV-675
Ranger 700'15-18UTV-675
Ranger Diesel 900'15-18UTV-875
Ranger 500'15-18UTV-875
Ranger 570 (800 Style)'15-18UTV-875
Ranger 7002009UTV-875
Ranger 800'10-14UTV-875
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