KFI TigerTail™ Tow System
The Toughest & Quickest, Tangle Free Tow System for ATVs and UTVs...Period!

What is It?
The TigerTail is the Only QUALITY ATV and UTV retractable tow rope available today! Superior to a tow strap and wicked fast compared to any electric winch. Its retractable design allows for a quick, easy and clean use for towing or as an anchor-line during poor underfoot winch operations! The best of tow systems!! 

TigerTail Tow system is Designed and Patented by Team Tech


KFI's TigerTail in Action(Click Link Below)

PART No.TigerTail
101110KFI TigerTail 2” Receiver Adjustable Mount
101115KFI TigerTail 1-1/4” Receiver Adjustable Mount
101120KFI TigerTail Tow System
101140KFI TigerTail Ball/Pin Hitch Adaptor

What's New

For Limited Time Only Special Edition Colors Honda Red & KFI Silver! (See Below)

Check out more inventory at https://tigertail.us/

Purchase Your Very Own TigerTail Today!





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