John Deere UTVYearModel Specific Mount
Gator HPX 2x4 and 4x4 (not 615E or 815E)ALLSEE NOTE A
Gator HPX 615EALL100860
Gator HPX 815EALL100860
Gator RSX 860EALL100940
Gator RSX 850iALL100940
Gator RSX 860iALL100940
Gator RSX 860MALL100940
Gator XUV 550ALL100940
Gator XUV 550 S4ALL100940
Gator XUV 560ALL100940
Gator XUV 560 S4ALL100940
Gator XUV 560EALL100940
Gator XUV 560E S4ALL100940
Gator XUV 590EALL100940
Gator XUV 590E S4ALL100940
Gator XUV 590iALL100940
Gator XUV 590i S4ALL100940
Gator XUV 590MALL100940
Gator XUV 590M S4ALL100940
Gator XUV 620iALL---
Gator XUV 625iALL100860
Gator XUV 825EALL100860
Gator XUV 825iALL100860
Gator XUV 825i S4ALL100860**
Gator XUV 825MALL100860
Gator XUV 825M S4ALL100860**
Gator XUV 835EALL101660
Gator XUV 835MALL101660
Gator XUV 835RALL101660
Gator XUV 850DALL---
Gator XUV 855DALL100860
Gator XUV 855D S4ALL100860**
Gator XUV 855EALL100860
Gator XUV 855MALL100860**
Gator XUV 855M S4ALL100860
Gator XUV 865EALL101660
Gator XUV 865MALL101660
Gator XUV 865RALL101660

** = Recomends also purchasing the #105270 Plow Pully

NOTE A = Will only work as a front 2" receiver hitch #100720 and using receiver hitch winch mount #100620.  You will also need #QC-20 for the winch and the Quick Connects needed to get to your desired winch contactor location.  One for the front and one for the back of the UTV is desired.  #QC-48 (48" Quick Connect), #QC-96 (96" Quick Connect) or #QC-120 (120" Quick Connect)

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