#102505 (5PK) Polaris Wire 3-Pin Harness


Product Code: 102505

Manufacturer: KFI Products

5PK Polaris Wire 3-Pin Harness

Product Description:
(5PK) The Polaris Wire 3-Pin Harness is a plug and play harness that attaches to the 2018 Ranger XP 1000 new Pulse system. When adding aftermarket accessories you will now be able to find power quick and easy. Here is a link to more information on the Polaris Pulse System: YouTube

Individual harnesses can be found here #101505


  • 5PK of Harnesses
  • 12" Pigtail Wire Length
  • 14 Gauge High Quality Cross-Link Wire
  • Provides quick, easy accessory power
  • Plugs into Polaris Pulse Electrical System

NOTE:  It is recommended that you use this 3 pin harness with the KFI winch mount (101480)

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