Honda ATV Plow Mounts

 KFI ATV Plow Mount Application Chart

ATV Mid-Mount Plow Mount:

NOTE: Mounts listed below will use the #105000ATV push tubes. 

Honda ATV'sYearModel Specific MountUniversal Mount
TRX300 4X4'93-00n/a105745
TRX350 Rancher'00-03N/D105745
TRX350 Rancher‘04-06105220105745
TRX400 Foreman‘95-02105210n/a
TRX400 Rancher‘04-07105220105745
TRX420 Rancher 2x4 (all Models)‘07-13105045105745
TRX420 Rancher 4X4 (all Models)‘07-13105045105745
TRX420 Rancher 4X4 "IRS ONLY" 2014105045105745
TRX420 Rancher 4X4 "SOLID AXLE ONLY"2014105800105745
W 105715 (discontinued)
TRX420 Rancher 2x4 (All Models)'15-20105800105745
W 105715 (discontinued)
TRX420 Rancher 4x4 (All Models)'15-20105800105745
W 105715 (discontinued)
TRX450 Foreman‘98-04105210105745
TRX500 Foreman (FA/FE/FM)‘05-06105055105745
TRX500 Foreman (FE/FM/FPE/FPM)‘07-11105055105745
TRX500 Foreman (All Models)‘12-13105045105745
TRX500 Foreman (All Models)'14-19105800105745
W 105715 (discontinued)
TRX520 Foreman (All Models)2020105800105745
W 105715 (discontinued)
TRX500 Rubicon (All Models)‘01-04105215105745
TRX500 Rubicon (FA/FGA)‘05-06105055105745
TRX500 Rubicon (All Models)‘07-14105055105745
TRX500 Rubicon (All Models)'15-19105800105745
W 105715 (discontinued)
TRX520 Rubicon (All Models)2020105800105745
W 105715 (discontinued)
TRX650 Rincon (FA/FGA)‘03-05105050105745
TRX680 Rincon (FA/FGA)‘06-20105050105745

= Winch application only (WILL NOT WORK WITH MANUAL LIFT)

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