KFI Polaris ATV Plug-N-Play Winch Kit


Polaris ATV Plug-N-Play Winch Kit By KFI:

A reliable winch is the most important accessory a rider can have. Our team here at KFI Products designed this Polaris ATV Plug-N-Play Winch Kit
with the user in mind, making it completely assembled and ready to be installed. With roughly a 15-20 minute installation time, you can spend more
time plowing, racing your buddies down the trail, or trying to make it through your favorite mud hole! Whichever you perfer, feel confident you can pull
yourself out of any situation with a KFI winch on your machine.

What You'll Be Getting:

A top of the line, stylish, but yet extremely durable KFI Assault Winch with our 2500LB steel cable winch. The Polaris ATV Winch Kit comes with the Winch, Electrical Contactor, Roller Fairlead, and Cable Hook Stoper pre-assembled in a model
specific winch mount and a Handlebar Mini-Rocker Switch to controll your winch. Both the Handlebar Mini-Rocker Switch and the Electrical Contactor are designed to work in conjunction with the Polaris pre-ran handlebar harness making the wiring a breeze. 
Please see application chart belowfor fitment on your machine and models that will require relocation of the contactor to the side of the mount.Relocation will require two bolts.

Most new Polaris ATV's come with the pre-installed OEM handlebar wire harness. This
wire harness is for connecting the handlebar remote to the contactor. Please refer to the application
chart below for the model specific machines that require the additional purchase of this Polaris Handlebar
Wire Harness #AP-Harness.


Please refer to the application chart below for Polaris ATV fitment.

Polaris ATVYearRequires Moving Contactor To The SideRequires Purchase Of   #AP-HARNESS Requires Purchase Of Bumper Conversion BKT  #101895 
Scrambler 1000 XP2014NoYesNo
Scrambler 1000 XP'15-18NoNoNo
Scrambler 850'15-22NoNoNo
Scrambler 850 XP'13-14NoYesNo
Sportsman 1000 Touring XP'15-22NoNoNo
Sportsman 1000 XP'15-22NoNoNo
Sportsman 450'21-22NoNoNo
Sportsman 450'16-20YesNoNo
Sportsman 550'12-14NoYesNo
Sportsman 550 Touring'12-14NoYesNo
Sportsman 5702014YesYesNo
Sportsman 570 (Base)'21-22NoNoNo
Sportsman 570 (Base/SP/EFI)'15-20YesNoNo
Sportsman 570 EPS'21-22NONoYES
Sportsman 570 Premium2020YesNoNo
Sportsman 570 Premium'21-22NONoYES
Sportsman 570 Utility HD LE'21-22NONoYES
Sportsman 570 6x6 (Big Boss)'17-22YesNoNo
Sportsman 570 Touring2014YesYesNo
Sportsman 570 Touring'15-22YesNoNo
Sportsman 570 X2'15-22YesNoNo
Sportsman 570 SP'15-18YesNoNo
Sportsman 850'12-14NoYesNo
Sportsman 850'15-22NoNoNo
Sportsman 850 High Lifter'16-22YesNoNo
Sportsman 850 Touring'12-14NoYesNo
Sportsman 850 Touring'15-22NoNoNo
Sportsman ETX'15-16YesNoNo




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