Kubota UTV Plow Mounts

UTV Front-Mount Plow Mount:

(picture is for reference only, not all mounts will include Reciever)

NOTE: Mounts listed below will use the #105635UTV push tubes. 

UTV Model Specific Plow Mount Specifications:

Kubota UTV'sYearModel Specific Mount
RTV500 ‘08-Current105775**
RTV900   (with Front 1-1/4” Receiver)'04-08105295**
RTV900   (with Front 2” Receiver)'09-Current105775**
RTV1140   (with Front 1-1/4” Receiver)'04-08105295**
RTV1140   (with Front 2” Receiver)'09-Current105775**
RTV-X Series (900, 1100C, 1120D)Current105775**
Sidekick 850Current106025**

= Recommend also purchasing the #105270 Plow Pulley if using STEEL cabled winches or #106270 Plow Pulley is using SYNTHETIC cabled winches. 

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