Polaris UTV Plow Mounts

UTV Front-Mount Plow Mount:

(picture is for reference only, not all mounts will include Reciever)

UTV Model Specific Plow Mount Specifications:

General SxSYearFront MountMid MountTube System
General 1000's (all)'16-20105930n/a105635
Midsize RangerYearFront MountMid MountTube System
ETX Ranger Midsize 4x4'15-16A-B105255n/a105635
EV Ranger Midsize 4x4'10-20A-B105255n/a105635
400 Ranger Midsize 4x4'10-14A-B105255n/a105635
500 Ranger Midsize 4x4'11-13A-B105255n/a105635
500 Ranger Midsize 4x4'17-20A-B105255n/a105635
500 Ranger Midsize 4x4 Crew'11-13A-B105255n/a105635
570 Ranger Midsize 4x4'14-20A-B105255n/a105635
570 Ranger Midsize 4x4 Crew'14-20A-B105255n/a105635
800 Ranger Midsize 4x4'13-14A-B105255n/a105635
Full-Size RangerYearFront MountMid MountTube System
Diesel Ranger 900 Full-Size 4x4'12-14A-B105255n/a105635
Diesel Ranger 900 Full-Size 4x4 Crew'13-14A-B105255n/a105635
Diesel Ranger HST/Deluxe Full-Size 4x4'14-17A-B105475n/a105635
Diesel Ranger 1000 Full-Size 4x4'15-18A-B105475n/a105635
Diesel Ranger 1000 Full-Size 4x4 Crew'15-18A-B105475n/a105635
TM Ranger Full-Size 2x4'04-06A-C105260n/a105635
425 Ranger Full-Size 2x4'01-04A-C105260n/a105635
500 Ranger Full-Size 2x4'01-08A-C105260n/a105635
500 Ranger Full-Size 4x4'03-08A-C105260n/a105635
500 Ranger Full-Size 4x4'09-10A-B105255n/a105635
500 Ranger Full-Size 6x6'02-05A-C105260n/a105635
570 Ranger Full-Size 4x42015A-B105475n/a105635
570 Ranger Full-Size 4x4 (800 Body Style)'16-20A-B105255n/a105635
570 Ranger Full-Size 4x4 Crew (800 Body Style)'16-20A-B105255n/a105635
570 Ranger XP Full-Size 4x4 (900 Body Style)2016A-B105475n/a105635
570 Ranger XP Full-Size 4x4 Crew (900 Body Style)'15-16A-B105475n/a105635
700 Ranger Full-Size 4x4'05-08A-B105260n/a105635
700 Ranger Full-Size 4x42009A-B105255n/a105635
700 Ranger Full-Size 4x4 Crew'08-09A-B105260n/a105635
700 Ranger Full-Size 6x6'06-09A-B105260n/a105635
800 Ranger Full-Size 4x4'10-14 A-B105255n/a105635
800 Ranger Full-Size 4x4 Crew'10-14 A-B105255n/a105635
800 Ranger Full-Size 6x6'10-16 A-B105255n/a105635
900 Ranger Full-Size 4x4'13-19A-B105475n/a105635
900-5/6 Ranger Full-Size 4x4 Crew'14-19A-B105475n/a105635
900 Ranger High Lifter Edition2016n/an/an/a
1000 Ranger Full-Size 4x42017A-B105475n/a105635
1000 Ranger Full-Size 4x4'18-20105975n/a105635
1000 Ranger2020n/an/an/a
1000 Ranger EPS2020105975n/a105635
1000 Ranger Premium2020105975n/a105635
1000 Ranger Full-Size 4x4 Crew'17-18A-B105475n/a105635
1000 Ranger Full-Size 4x4 Crew'19-20105975n/a105635
1000 Ranger Crew2020n/an/an/a
1000 Ranger EPS Crew2020105975n/a105635
1000 Ranger Premium Crew2020105975n/a105635
1000 Ranger High Lifter Edition'17-20n/an/an/a
1000 Ranger High Lifter Edition Crew'17-20n/an/an/a
1000 Ranger Northstar Edition (HVAC)2017A-B105475n/a105635
1000 Ranger Northstar Edition 4x4'18-20105975n/a105635
1000 Ranger Northstar Edition Crew (HVAC)'17-18A-B105475n/a105635
1000 Ranger Northstar Edition 4x4 Crew'19-20105975n/a105635
RZR SxSYearFront MountMid MountTube System
1000 RZR S (Dual Rear A-Arm)'16-20105930n/a105635
1000 RZR S 4 (Dual Rear A-Arm)'18-20105930n/a105635
1000 RZR XP (Rear Trailing Arm)
Models: (Trails & Rocks / Premium / Ride Command / Dynamix / LE)
1000 RZR XP 4 (Rear Trailing Arm)
Models: (Trails & Rocks / Premium / Ride Command / Dynamix / LE)
1000 RZR XP Highlifter (Rear Trailing Arm)'15-20

J 105870

1000 RZR XP Highlifter Crew (Rear Trailing Arm)'16-20J 105870n/a105635
570 RZR Models: (all)'12-20D105410**n/a105635
570 RZR Models: (all)'12-20n/aP105280105000
570 RZR S2017D105410**n/a105635
570 RZR S2017n/aP105280105000
800 RZR'08-14D105410**n/a105635
800 RZR'08-14n/aP105280105000
800 RZR 4'10-14D105410**n/a105635
800 RZR 4'10-14n/aP105280105000
800 RZR S'09-14D105410**n/a105635
800 RZR S'09-14n/aP105280105000
900 RZR (Dual Rear A-Arm)
Models: (EPS / Premium / Fox Edition)
900 RZR 4 (Dual Rear A-Arm)'15-18105930n/a105635
900 RZR S (Dual Rear A-Arm)'15-20105930n/a105635
900 RZR S 4 (Dual Rear A-Arm)2018105930n/a105635
900 RZR XP'11-14E105410**n/a105635
900 RZR XP'11-14n/aP105785105000
900 RZR XP 4'12-14E105410**n/a105635
900 RZR XP 4'12-14n/aP105785105000
TURBO RZR (EPS/XP) (Rear Trailing Arm)
Models: (LE / Dynamix)
TURBO RZR 4 (EPS/XP) (Rear Trailing Arm)
Models: (LE / Dynamix)
Turbo RZR S
Models: (Velocity)
Turbo RZR S 4
Models: (Velocity)
RZR PRO XP2020n/an/an/a



** = Recommend also purchasing the #105270 Plow Pulley if using STEEL cabled winches or #106045 Lift Lever is using SYNTHETIC cabled winches. 
A= Plow mount includes a lower 2" Receiver Hitch (built-in)
B= Requires stock front bumper
D= Requires KFI Winch Mount #100660 or Polaris OEM Winch Mount
E= Requires KFI Winch Mount #100765
J= Requires KFI 2" Lift Kit #105700
P= We also recommend the HD Kit #

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